Sunday, July 31, 2011

"i'd thank my lucky stars"

Eric and I took a field trip over to the Tri-Cities yesterday.

I now firmly believe that baseball is the most American sport.

From the hotdogs, to the anthem, to the Boy Scouts everywhere, to the crowd singing along with Lee Greenwood, to the complimentary post-game fireworks. I think I felt more patriotic than on the 4th of July.

Here's a photo recap:

In real life, Eric's head is not twice the size of mine.
That's why I've agreed to have his babies. 

Eric's not a fan of this photo. But, it shows that we indulged in an American staple while watching an American past-time. Nevermind that the hotdogs were reportedly "Hebrew International." That's besides the point.

This was an awesome spot to have put a ball field. It is north of the river and overlooks the cities. It was beautiful.

Mmmm. Huckleberry ice cream during the 7th inning. 
The Tri-City Dust Devils pulled out a 7-0 victory. And we got to see some great fireworks. 
I failed to mention that Grandpa Lee sent us away from California with more than an appreciation for great fruit. He sent us home with treasures, including this electric guitar for Eric. While in Tri-Cities Eric bought an amp at a good deal from a guy. So, even though we got home at 11:30pm, he had to test it out. 
And that's the recap. It was a nice little date. We've now been to a football, basketball, hockey and baseball game. What's next? (Besides me receiving a nomination for "Best Wife Ever.") 


Kylee said...

I feel like I am now stalking your blog on a more regular basis, based off the fact that I have commented on what seems like every single one lately. I am glad that you have finally come to this conclusion about baseball. I am in the process of finding you a trophy for "Best Wife Ever" Love you.

Sarah said...

Unlike Eric, I AM a fan of the hotdog photo.