Saturday, July 30, 2011


I made Morgan come to Pendleton to pick up some DVDs she wanted to borrow. I also made her be my lunch date. She brought me and baby treats (sorry Eric, she doesn't like you I guess) from Peru. A neat leather like bracelet, a rock from the top of Machu Picchu and a really cute llama finger puppet for the babester. She also made me a yellow and green hat similar to the one she's pictured in. I returned the favor by making her hug the big cowboy boot outside the Chamber. It was nice to see Morgan and be able to catch up a little bit. And thanks for the many gifts! 

And here's the huz. I can't remember the last time he shaved. And this was taken two days ago. He's a cutie pie! 

Oh, and I really am hesitant to put these next two photos up, because what girl likes to put a side profile pic of their whole body up online? But I thought I would. Not quite a baby bump I guess, but I've only gained 1/2 pound so I can't just be putting on fat, either. Hopefully it'll become more distinguishable in the next couple of weeks. And sorry, about my missing head. It's hard working with self-timers.

6 Weeks
17 weeks

Well, I am off now. I got a new 'Fit & Firm Pregnancy' exercise DVD I want to give a whirl, plus we're headed to Tri-Cities this afternoon for some minor league baseball & fireworks. 

Have an all-American weekend! 

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Kylee said...

I also had one of those dvd's haha.