Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Aviary Excursion

Yesterday(monday) my madre had a little visit with the doc in Walla Walla to check on her ticker. She had to have an angiogram and they suggested it would be better if someone else drove her home after procedure, so Zoey accompanied her and we decided to meet up and enjoy an afternoon with them. While mom was having her procedure Zoey, El, and I visited Walla Walla's famous Bird Park. It was so interesting that Ella fell asleep after 5 minutes at the park but we still enjoyed the chance to get some fresh air and spend time with Zoey. It was also very nostalgic, as I was once nearly kidnapped at this park as young child. After the park, we returned to the hospital to hear some good news, mom's heart was looking more healthy than she had expected. We were all relieved to hear that! Finally we finished out the day with some heart-healthy Panda Express. This is what our adventure looked like (plus an extra pic of Ella-bell from today):
Ella Maur looking cute for the occasion.


Auntie Zoey.


Nice view of the park.

Scary looking tree.

Ella's first time down the slide!
(She slept the whole way down. Kill joy.)




(Sorry, I got tired of labeling pictures so you got one-word captions at the end!)

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HollBurd said...

I thought that your baby sister was you! Also, I might say, I'm proud of you for braving the chance that there might be birds on the loose at the aviary and letting Ella have such a wonderful, educational experience.