Monday, March 12, 2012


It's hard to believe, but our little girl is already two months old. 

Friday was her two month well baby check. 

She weighed in at exactly 10 lbs and was approximately 22 inches long. 
She was also given her first round of immunizations. 
Three shots in the thighs and a sweet oral beverage. 

Poor girl. 
The rest of the day she was sleepy and cuddly. 
It was a bit sad to see our normally active, alert, chatty girl so sleepy and sad looking. 

Girls rule! ... Dad, ha! 

Saturday, the 10th, Eric suggested we paint her nails for her two month birthday.
So, while she was sleeping, I painted her nails and he held her fingers still til they dried. 
Quite Eastery, I think. 

Ella really enjoyed meeting her cousin Travis this weekend. 

This little girl's got us both wrapped 'round her finger. 


The Munions said...

CUTE nails :)

HollBurd said...

Poor Ella. She looks so sad in that first picture. But her nails are lovely. Just lovely.