Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Smoothie Me

The beaming Barkers invited us over for smoothies and games Monday evening. It'd been awhile since we'd all gotten together. Our last gathering went undocumented, but will likely be a Lougee family tradition - Nacho Nacho Night. We ate nachos - epic, amazingly adorned nachos and watched Nacho Libre. I was not about to let tonight's riotous fun go left unshown. 

Burd admired how great his wife looks at 34.5 weeks pregunta. 

Ella is excited to be reunited with baby Barker. 

 I feel like "blender" is a totally insufficient word to describe it.
This blender really is a champ. It's digital!

Since the Barkers introduced Eric to Rumikub - it's become a fave of his.
This game went on for a riveting 60 minutes. And Holly finally pulled out a win for the girls. 
We laughed a lot and feel genuinely lucky to have found friends in the Barkers. 


Sandra said...

Fun times! Ella is of course cute as usual!

HollBurd said...

That's so like Burdette to be checking me out. Yum. I think we'll make more smoothies tonight :)