Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's on Your Fridge?

I've been thinking a lot lately (far more than any person probably should) about the common household fridge, especially ours. What does our fridge say about us? 

A take out menu for our favorite Chinese place and a nametag I snagged during my short stint at the EO.
I have no clue who Amy is. 

Honor roll. Awesome magnets. Kylee & Greg. And my neglected visiting teaching list. 

No clue what date I got that fortune, but I'm pretty sure many months have passed since.
And 'X' puts the value in my name. 

Riley Roo. 

I especially like the (root) beer mug magnet holding up the Richardson's family photo. 

A picture I colored while teaching Sunbeams. Can you tell who these people are? 

Our gratitude turkeys. This one is Eric's. Plus our vintage bird magnets. 

That string is supposed to be a magnet stress reliever that you wear on your wrist. Instead Riley usually makes letters out of it when she's here. Not sure what this letter is. Or who drew this lovely piece of art. Also, a magnet Mom made out of our wedding reception favors. 

One of our engagement announcements and a love note (pre-marriage I believe).

Important people. And me circa 1992. 


That's it. What do you think? What does your fridge exterior look like? 

P.S. We're growing grass. And lots of it. 

Obligatory baby picture. 

Delicious baby feet. 
Oh, and BIG news. I officially gave my resignation to the Chamber of Commerce. It was a surprisingly hard decision to make, but here I go onto my next stint as a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom ... Acronyms are just one thing I'll carry with my from the Chamber).


Stephanie said...

Stay at home mom..good for you. I hope you can make it work for quite awhile. Now get your etsy store up and running again, sell our stuff and charge a big commission. I have so much stuff laying around that would sell if the right eyes see it and some profit from it is better than nothing. Give it some thought.

Stephanie said...
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Pamela said...

Best decision you'll make! It's hard, but oh so worth it! It's possible to live without 2 incomes and you'll be blessed for it while raising babies! Good luck! Oh and my fridge consists of family photos, funny sayings on magnets and school lunch menus (not sure why we have multiple of the same menu on the fridge) anyways....great post!

Sandra said...

What Steph said, plus we'll be doing the Junk Barn Sale in September again...

Travel Pendleton said...

sad but understanding. Yo