Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello Seattle

Seattle greeted us with blue skies. 

Ella loves Seattle already.

Dedicated to Sandra Lee

Unlimited samples.

Have you seen this man?

Ella likes to lick anything in front of her face. Or blow spit bubbles. You choose.

Asian food court.

Dedicated to the University of Oregon.

Dedicated to Holly Lougee. This is big people ramen.
Such a fun 48 hours. 
Here's a list of Ella's firsts during the trip:

Road trip longer than 75 miles one way.
Ride on a public transit bus. 
Stroll through Pike Place Market. 
Meeting a singing bookstore owner.
Seeing chewed gum.
Examining shrunken heads and mummified humans.
Seeing the Space Needle.
Glimpse of salt water. 
Night in a hotel.
Tour of a chocolate factory. 
Excursion to Chinatown. 

And we can't even keep track of how many people commented on our "beautiful baby." She was a head turner! 

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