Sunday, November 15, 2009



...I can't stop, won't stop, listening to this and this and this. favorite thing to wear is usually my yellow cardigan, but everyone notices when I wear it, so I can't wear it very often.

...I am trying to rationalize eating everything I know I'm going to eat over Thanksgiving.
...ready for a new laptop. It would make my cumulative hours spent on campus per week a lot fewer.

...I am a dreamer.
...wishes I could see this girl sooner than Christmas. Lame.

...I have not been to a rodeo in over a year. I need this to be rectified quick.

...I would probably marry the man who buys me a CCR t-shirt.

...I miss my old Blackberry. This guy just isn't worn in yet.

...ready to be done with the Provo life. I want my own little place, in a new environment, with a new routine, meeting new people who weren't born in the 90's or married (everyone I go to school with).
...would do almost anything (just shy of prostituting myself) to go see my love, Garth, in Vegas.

...I could really go for some genuine Japanese curry, gyoza and sushi roll.

...have been wanting a no-strings-attached spoonfest.'s been 8 days since I made it to the gym. Feelin' flabbbbby.

...I could use a massage.

...I am wearing scandal on my fingers and siren on my toes. really grateful for such supportive peers in the journalism program. Thursday night we came together to help a girl get her internship application FedExed overnight even though it was after 5pm. These people are pretty great. the mood to go sledding or Christmas shopping.

...misses Kara's morning, usually towel-clad, serenades.

...nostalgic for that family trip to the coast we took two summers ago. We laughed a lot, in between the fighting.

...I am reading "The Miracle of Forgiveness," finally making some headway on this spiritually intense book.

...I have been working on a muse wall. Does that make me lame? Really it's just a billboard with crap on it.

...liking the name Ellis for a boy.

...compiling a mental list of places to potentially apply for an internship at. Including The Hill, Niche Media (Capitol Living magazine), The Washingtonian, The National Journal, Fox News' online magazine, etc. etc.

...wants to get the H1N1 vaccine.

...thinking that sleeping all day sounds pretty good to me.

...and finally, wishing my shower would magically grow a porcelain tub for me to fill with hot water and soak in.
...and did I forget to mention, I'm engaged (who could say no to a rock that big)?