Sunday, November 15, 2009

What's on your nightstand?

I think a person's bedroom says a lot about a person. So, in a effort to tell you more about me and to hopefully learn more about you, I'm sharing what's on my nightsand.

Towards the back is a box of facial tissues, in an effort to clear up my face and keep it clear (does anybody else have worse face problems than in highschool?). I'm too lazy by the end of the day to walk into the bathroom and actually clean my face. It's much easier to pull out a tissue whilst lying in bed.

Next to it is my Olay night cream. I have pretty impressive crow's feet for a 22 year-old. I only remember to put it on once every couple of weeks, but that's gotta help, right?

A little orange flashlight for reading on sleepless nights or writing things down when my mind won't stop racing.

A biography of the Kennedy family that I sometimes pop open and read for a few minutes.

'Stand a Little Taller' by Gordon B. Hinckley. It's a calendar book with scriptures and thoughts for each day.

My fancy new glasses case with my glasses.

'The Miracle of Forgiveness' by Spencer W. Kimball. I read a page or few from it each night.

'Lectures on Faith' by Joseph Smith. It supplements Kimball's book and my nightly scripture reading.

So there you have it.

What's on your nightsand??


Kate said...

what if I don't even own a night stand? What does that mean?

Steinbeigle said...

I sleep on a top bunk and have nowhere to put things. But, I will share what is on my desk. A fork, a spoon, two knives, a flashlight, scriptures...Two pewter knights...a set of dice for D&D, some decoration and my computer. Sort of dull, but at least its clean!