Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm definitely stealing this from a blogger I follow.

Artist Sophie Blackall has put together some work based on personal ads....particularly about missed opportunities.

I'm kind of in love with these quirky pieces of romance.

"Remember? Uptown A train? Dude reading Bukowski's Post Office. You were reading the arts and leisure section. You passed wind rather loudly and started chuckling. I'd like to see you again. The flatulence wasn't a turn off."

"You had a guitar. I had a blue hat. We exchanged glances and smiles on the subway platform. I pretended to read my New Yorker but I couldn't concentrate. You got on the Q and I stayed on to wait for the B. You were lovely."

Isn't 'the beginning' kind of fun and mysterious? Even if it just lasts moments?

Check out more here.

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