Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mother comes to Provo

Mom made her way to Utah Sunday for a short visit. She spoiled me rotten (literally, I was rotten a couple of times).

There were many highlights to her visit, unfortunately few were documented.

Here is what was captured.

Our guided golf cart tour of campus. That's the Eyring Science Center over there.


Cupcakes at the Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcake shop.
We had one right away and saved these morsels for later. 

We spent some quality time at the Chao's Oriental Food Market.
Seaweed crackers, Miso Soup and more.


I found the latest love of my life whilst browsing the DI.
I could hardly stand to part with it. Now it sits proudly as my new desk chair.

So then, just as quickly as she came, she went. I only cried a little bit. Such a baby in my increasingly old age. Then I went back in time.

  Miss you already Mother dearest.

Now it's back to the life of a single twenty-something poor college student.


Carly said...

i own your new chairs twin... i found it first so... if you ever part with yours i call dibs. :) a pair would just be too perfect :)

Can do mom said...

Sounds like you had fun with your Mom. :) The chair is perfect! I think your haircut is too cute. In fact, I just got mine cut and went a little shorter than I planned because I remembered how I admired your hair style. (I love how it turned out too, so, thanks!)

imaryn said...

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