Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dirty little secret

So, for several months I've wanted to be taking vitamins as a part of living a long and healthy life. But all the vitamins were like horse pills, huge and disgusting. And the older I've gotten the more of an aversion I've gotten to swallowing pills. Sometimes I have to try super hard not to gag them back up as they're halfway down my throat. Gross. I know.

But, one day I picked up a bottle of children's vitamins. Turns out only have a chewable vitamin is meant for kids. Meaning, these vitamins come in adult servings! And better yet they make a "complete" version which adds in iron, minerals and calcium.

So, that's my secret. I take kid's chewable vitamins once a day. I should probably take a separate calcium vitamin, definitely don't get enough of that stuff.

Anyway, if you, too, have an aversion. Revert to your grade school days and try a kids chewable.  Mmm. Just took mine. Feel healthier already.

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Kylee said...

I like to buy the gummy ones and they have them for adults too. It makes it a whole lot easier to take them.