Saturday, January 2, 2010

New do

On Thursday, the sisters and I spent a few hours together getting our hairs done at Capelli's and eating a late lunch at the Sub Shop. Both Zoey and Riley got several inches taken off, but Riley took the cake with probably about 8 inches falling to the floor. Zoey got some CUUUUUUTE bangs. And I chopped what little hair I had off and put color in it after almost two years of my natural color. I really like it. It's kind of funky. Though the girls said it made me look 26. Barf-o. Here's some pictures. As I am ego-centric there is two of me.


Brittney said...

it doesn't make you look 26!

Carly said...

you look gorgeous!!! i love it! my cousin teresa works at capelli- who did yours?