Thursday, January 7, 2010

The artist currently known as Riley

This is my Riley Roo. My littlest sister. Doesn't she look so....intense?
She's wonderful, a little spitfire of sass and smarts. Watch out world.

I kinda prefer this one though. ;-)

She's my little mini me. The day I left to come back to school
she made Mom take her to the store to buy a RealSimple mag
(I'd been skimming over the holidays) and a planner
(I'd bought one when she was
with me).

She's growing up. Everytime I go home I see more and more
of her baby face change.

A few times over the break she asked me to tuck her in, and so
I would wrap her up tight in her blanket and call it her cocoon
and told her she would wake up a beautiful butterfly.

It's true, too. My lil' cocoon is growing into a butterfly.

(listening to: 'Georgia on my mind' by Ray Charles, 'Painter Song' by Norah Jones and 'Dreams' by The Cranberries)

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