Saturday, February 20, 2010

can you take the heat?

This is what my roommate has set our thermostat to. A certain inapropriate Nelly song comes to mind. 83 is NOT an acceptable room temp people!

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Heather Lee said...

Whoa! Umm I thought I was bad when I set our's to 75.

Can do mom said...

My first thought upon seeing that is that you must not have to pay your own utilities!

We have a home in WI and I keep the thermostat set at 69! We used to keep it higher but our gas bill last month was almost $300.00! We use natural gas to heat our water, two fireplaces and infloor heat in the lower level and it all adds up. So, for now we're putting on long underwear and sweaters. Soon, spring will be here and we won't need to worry about such things... :)