Monday, February 22, 2010

Tie Dye

February is a pretty gray month, wouldn't you say? Aside from the whole explosion of pink and red around a certain lover's holiday. Driving to and from Oregon made me want to barf a little bit. Gray ground. Gray mountains. Gray road. Gray, dirty cars and houses. Gray snow. Gray skies. Idaho is usually an unimpressive gray, but even it exuded a surprising lack in colors along a gray scale.

So, much to the relief of my gray overdose, my date on Friday included some tie dying. Boy bought some Wal-Mart special white denim pants and I dyed three pairs of socks. Usually, you associate tie dye with the free-loving, casual souls of the hippie movement. But, tie dying with boy resembles no such feeling. It is a serious business, with reason and order, meticulous twisting, measuring and serious facial expressions.

(Notice the cut hairs? C'est bon.)

We didn't get too many cool designs out of it all, but the color was a welcome sigh of relief in a gray world.  I think his pants looked more like a pair of unskilled painter's pants instead of his desired flamboyancy, but he's happy.

In keeping with the color theme, today I painted my fingernails a bright 'celestial' blue.

What are you doing to welcome color back into your life?

(Post Soundtrack: 'Silver Lining' by Rilo Kiley)


Sandra said...

I did notice the hairs cut, did you drop a huge hint? And I like the looks of your socks!

Can do mom said...

Fun - tie dye!

Okay, to bring color back into my life I am leaving WI in the dust. Well, in the snow would be more accurate.

We're heading south down to Florida for the month of March with a little stop in Savannah, GA on the way. The girls and I are driving and my husband and son are flying down a week later.

I hope to see lots of color in Florida! From the beautiful flowers to green grass, a blue ocean, warm sand, mmmmm...

Heather Lee said...

Cute socks! (And cute boy, too!)

In contrast to your very grey world, mine is very white at the moment. I desperately need color as well. Perhaps a little shopping. Or crafting. We shall see.