Friday, February 26, 2010

The Haps

Today, my first two articles for The Daily Herald were printed on the front page of the 'Our Towns' section. Woohoo!

Yay for bylines! It's kind of fun to see your name immortalized..... in ink?
I also went out and got this:

Technically I'm supposed to be sending it to my mother, but I think I'll take a gander for a couple of days 'fore I ship it over two states.

I also felt like making some changes in my room, starting with cleaning up some of the clutter and washing my laundry and sheets. Then I moved all my record covers together to make them appear more like a piece of art instead of six things hanging on the wall.

I've also been on the hunt for something to use as a bookshelf/extra storage to the left of my desk. There were a couple of things at DI that could've worked, but one was overpriced, and one just felt too bulky. I want something wirey or airy or something. I even made a trip down to Spanish Fork to look around an antique store there, but they didn't have a lot that would've worked, and the stuff they had was antique priced. So....the hunt continues.


Can do mom said...

Congrats on the bylines! That is an accomplishment and you can be proud of it!

Keep searching and you'll find a shelving unit that'll work. I'm always moving things around and trying to reorganize workspaces. It feels so good when you're done!

Sandra said...

I so knew you would do that with 'MY' magazine; cool about your articles getting published; I like the album cover art; sounds like a good day!