Friday, February 12, 2010


If it seems I'm a bit MIA in blogging this week, it's because I've been packing and prepping for an extended weekend HOME.  Now I'm here, and despite 9 year-old meltdowns, boxes and boxes of girl scout cookies, missing out on collegiate show & tells, animals that need constant attention, wind, rain, snow, and motivation to do nothing but sit..... It is quite like bliss. Not the city in Idaho. I hate Idaho, by the way. Even more than ever before. Curse speeding tickets. Anyway, like I was saying. I'm home for the long weekend. So, here's me, sending you some Oregon love.



Can do mom said...

Glad you had a safe (but expensive? oh no!) drive home. You must be the oldest with younger siblings. Pretty soon my girls and I are going to take a major road trip. We're heading south and are really excited! Hope you have a great time back home with the family.

Sandra said...

And I hope you took that photo while parked on the side of the road!