Thursday, February 18, 2010


Here's some photos from the last week to stimulate your eyeballs. My sister, Riley, especially enjoyed the photobooth application on my Mac. This is just a small sample of the many crazy photos we took and laughed at. 
(Tobi and me. He loves it.)

I got back from Oregon late Tuesday and was given this bouquet by this boy. I was excited because, well, obviously they were for me and second because they weren't your run of the mill roses. Not that there's anything wrong with roses, but these flowers were bright and different. Kind of like me, kind of like him. 


Anyway, here's to a FAB weekend!

(Song: Lover by Devendra Banhart
I'm kind of obsessed 
with this guy so 
check him out.)

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Can do mom said...

What?! No comments yet?

Cute photos. Did you manipulate them on the computer? I'm guessing so. It makes me think of the fun house at the fair with all the funky mirrors and weird effects.

I love the flowers. Very bright, very pretty. Enjoy!