Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Treats for Today

Just a couple of things for you.

First, the video of Pres. Obama's Q&A with GOP members. I was excited the President elected to do this. I think it is commendable and I hope he does more (More?! You want some MORE???!), I think it lends him more credibility as a man who is trying to serve his whole country, not just the Democrat folks.

Second, here is a picture of my Valentine's day envelope at work. It is now posted and available for any love poems, love requests, praises of my beauty and wit, as well as Valentine candy of the chocolate or sour varieties.


Heather Lee said...

Your envelope is too cute! The crown is a nice touch. lol

Kylee said...

Of course you would have a crown ;)

Can do mom said...

I fear the ravine between President Obama and the Republicans is vast, deep and insurmountable. I wonder if he would be reaching out to them if the Massachusetts election had ended differently?

I love your envelope and artistic style. Of course you should be wearing a crown - it is only fitting! :)