Friday, May 14, 2010

As promised

Here I be, at the McDonald's in Hermiston, "getting quenched" and using their free Wi-Fi. Oh the life of a gal in transition.

Anyway, thanks to everyone sending good karma my way, we got into the apartment Tuesday evening. When Ma gets off work this evening we are picking up a Uhaul trailer, heading back to La Grande, and rounding up the last of the essentials (i.e. chairs to sit on).

I promised photos of my humble abode. And I have them. But, apparently Mickey D's doesn't support large file uploads, because it is taking FOR-EV-ER.

But, you should all know things are looking up on this side of the Blue Mountains. Mom and I miss the brats (imagine that) and our nightly HGTV viewing ( I can't decide which we miss more....).

Luckily it is still close enough to feel a bit like home. I'm excited for my next pay check. My first one, while pleasantly surprising, is gone. Moving is expensive, in case you were unaware. I look forward to getting cable and wi-fi installed at the apartment with my next check as well as hitting up Farm Chicks the first weekend in June! I was relieved to learn that the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show was the second weekend in June, so I won't miss it! Yeehaw! I need me a rodeo, bad.

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Leah Marie said...

I love your blog! It's so cute. =] I hope you can move in soon!
Leah Marie