Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ok, so either nobody really is looking at my lil' b-log-izzle, or you couldn't figure out how to comment (the few of you that do), or you didn't want to comment.

Any of those ways left me feeling very needy and realizing how much my blog-esteem depends on viewership and occasional commentary. So I switched up the layout again to hopefully encourage readership/feedback.

The kids are up here for the long weekend. I had to go into work on both of my days off. And my sister, Zoey, go her license and has continued to ask for a car every 2.9 minutes since. Other than that, the news isn't much.

Here's my little foyer:

Pictures from mom's 49th birthday will be up sometime this week. Get excited.


Stephanie said...

Now I have the hang of it. Cute decorating skills!

Kylee said...

Thank you for switching the commenting thing. I was having a hard time. Super cute place. I need to drive over and see it. Hope you are doing well. Love you.

Sandra said...

I had better get to preview the photos first!!

Natalie said...

Your new header makes me want to play with InDesign. I like. I also like you.

Lexy said...

Thanks everybody - definitely feeling the comment love once more.

Steph, thanks - I've been watching you, Gram and Mom long enough!

Kylee, come come!

Sandy, ha!

Natalie, definitely did it on InDesign. I like you! I wish I was living your life right now! Give DC a big kiss for me.

Can do mom said...

Hey Lexy. Sorry for the lack of comments. I haven't been blogging lately - just too busy.

Your apartment looks very promising. I can't wait to see what you do with it. You've got a wonderful touch with decorating.

P.S. Your new layout for your blog is great!