Monday, May 10, 2010

Elly or Daisy?

This weekend I packed up the back of the pick-up truck and headed to Hermiston. Mom got that job in Boardman and I think (fingers crossed) I have an apartment. Only problem is, they are replacing a part of the tub, and so the earliest I can be in will (again, fingers crossed) be Tuesday. Until then, Mom and I are Motel 6ing it up.

I need to take a picture of the truck for you to see, but until that happens picture the Beverly Hillbillies' truck (minus three other hillbillies). 
I'd like to say I was the "curvacious tom-boy Elly May" in all of this, but I think my wacky sleeping patterns and stress of job/moving makes me more the Granny in all of this.
When (and if) I get into the apartment, I'll be sure to post pictures and take you along for the ride of outfitting it Lexy style. Until then, cross your fingers (or your arms) for me! Thanks!


Can do mom said...

I'm praying that you can get in soon and that you love your new apartment!

Sherri said...

So happy to hear that prayers are being answered for and your dear mother. Be sure to email me your new address so I can mail you the Welcome mat for Carolina. I've held it way too long.

A Flourishing Perspective said...

Hope you get the apartment! Good luck. :)

-Rachel <3