Monday, May 3, 2010

The pits.

Things are a bit on the side of stressful in this household lately. 

Many of you may know that my step-dad moved out in March. With my mom unemployed and four kids still in school ... let's just say the timing wasn't ideal. 

So money has been more than tight. Plus, Mom has some health concerns that we would all feel better about her getting checked out sooner than later. The only problem is she is uninsured. 

Plus, I started working full-time in Pendleton/Hermiston. Which, depending on the day and destination, can be a 50-80 minute commute to work. Sometimes I'm not home until almost 9pm, only to be exhausted, hit the sack and wake up to do it all again. And, my job isn't quite what I thought I would be. I'm not feeling great about it, but I should be so grateful to even have a job in times like this. So, I'll keep working for awhile, but I'm also always brainstorming - trying to figure out what it is I want and where it is I'm supposed to be.

Fortunately things look like they could be on the verge of getting better. Mom has a serious job prospect ... in Boardman. Which is some 90 miles away from where we currently live. The kids are still in school. I'm working over the mountain, Mom may be ... so, anyway, we can't really afford to stay in our home. Which means we are all splitting apart, and I hate that. It is not what I wanted when I decided to move "home" for awhile. Hopefully it will all work out like it should. 

Also, by some small miracle, Mom was reconsidered and now has health coverage. Which means I'll be making her an appointment asap. 

Things are just really hard and not ideal right now. 2010 has not been so great. It feels like it's been this long, dark, dreary, cold winter. Maybe the last half of the year will make up for it. I'm hopeful. 

Anyway, enough of my pity party. Look what I've done recently to the trailer:

I made these curtains for the window over the sink. The green stuff is fabric I chose at Joann's and the top material is from curtains I altered previously.

If you'll recall, I had two sconces hanging by the bed area. They were black and electric. Well, with my handy skills, I was able to detach the sconces from the wall, cut out the electric stuff, paint the base, flip it, re-attach it and then turn the glass upside down so that I can put a small tea-light candle instead. I love them! They make it so cozy at night. Especially listening to the rain pattering down on my (so far so good) leak-proof roof. I will try to take some cozy pictures of them lit to post later.


Can do mom said...

Lexy, I'm so sorry for what you, your mom and your family are going through. There are times when we feel as though our situation is unendurable. It is then that I have clung to Jesus and He carried me through. That doesn't remove the stress of the trial you're enduring but it sounds as though He is at work already. I'm thankful for your mother's health care coverage. That's a really big deal.

I'm glad you've got each other and hope you can find a way to be together, even if in a new location.

Kate said...

Alexa dear- I love you. You are always in my prayers. I hope everything turns out for you. You are such a babe... FYI :)