Friday, May 21, 2010

my crib

finally, the photos I promised long, long ago.
I've been working on getting it feeling more like home, but these are the pre-move in shots.

I have my own mini-foyer! 
The living room is ginormo compared to the tiny hallway I moved from in Utah.
This is looking into the spacious kitchen from the living room. There is a bar-type thing separating the two spaces.
A tub that I feel fairly certain I won't get an STD from. Excellent.
 Shut up. A linen closet?! Lucky.
One of the two bedrooms. They look essentially the same, so I'll spare you the other.
I have big plans for the kitchen. Like painting the cupboards gray. Shh, don't tell Rocky and Bullwinkle (aka my on-site managers who happen to have a peeping tom window directly across from my front door).

And, for a sneak peak at how the unpacking/decorating/home-ifying is progressing.

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