Wednesday, October 13, 2010

$5.13 and some change

I went to the Salvation Army in Pendleton on my lunch break today. And much like my Facebook status says, I feel like I made out of there like a bandit! Little did I know they were having a 25% off sale today! I got a bunch of glass stuff for the wedding reception, plus two cute little glass mugs, some frames to paint and nice candlestick holders for a measley $5.13. 

Oh how I love a good thrift! 

Mom came over yesterday evening and we worked on a couple of projects. Including hanging a nice long shelf in the bedroom and trying to make pillowcases for pillows on the couch. Pictures will be forthcoming - my camera broke so everything is blackberry 3.2 megapixel style. And I have to e-mail them to myself.

Today was an all around good day. Our photos we are including in the wedding invites FINALLY showed up in my mailbox. I got 125 quality prints for just the cost of standard shipping, which was about $8 all together. So we're going to get those out this week, and it's about dang time. I'm ready to move on to other fun things. 

My lovely fiance left me these flowers last night, and they look so awesome today! I had to brag. He's picked me flowers once before, but this was the first time I got some fresh from the store ... with the sweetest of notes. I'm glad he's so sweet, because everyone knows just how sour I am.

We also went grocery shopping where Eric made sure I got fruits and veggies, but then picked out Ramen In a Cup for himself, "It's what I like." Don't worry, it's some kind of lime shrimp flavor. He thinks he's Mexican. 

We then spent an hour on the couch, eating and watching the first season of 'How I Met Your Mother.' I was given no other option. It was kind of a perfect evening in it's own way, and I look forward to spending many more in exactly the same way. 

Now I'm off to bed, because it's gonna be a looooooong Wednesday. Cheers! 

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