Thursday, October 28, 2010


To say I'm a little bit of a stressball would be an understatement. 

Most the time I'm handling everything rather well, I think. But, today, I was very close to a meltdown. Mom, MIL to be, and I went up to the Church in Pendleton to get the lay of the land. It was fun to envision everything, but then I started feeling overwhelmed! 

Did you know that there are only 21 days left until November 19th? Well it's true. And so many details to figure out! 

But, within the last week many things have come together. I picked up my dress from the bridal shop, picked up some decor, had my hair practiced on, got paper lanterns in the mail, got my hot PURPLE heels for my bridal beauty, got burlap (yes, burlap) purchased, got the okay for Eric to move in after the wedding, submitted our announcements to three newspapers, got the flowers officially ordered and paid for (I opted wholesale through a florist in Portland) ... we just have a few things left to pick up and then the stress of logistics of it all. Luckily I have capable people behind me. 

What I really need to focus on is the beginning of the CELEBRATING. This Saturday, my lovely sister-in-law to be, Elizabeth, is hosting a Bridal Shower for me. I'm so excited!

The following Saturday my Mother is hosting a bridal shower in our hometown for friends and family on the other side of the mountain.

That Monday my coworkers are throwing a dinner party for me at a coworker's home. The next Saturday is my bachelorette party and then the 20th is the wedding reception - I will be a married woman! Whew! Exciting, crazy, hectic, fun stuff. 

I'm going to try and focus on the fun and celebrating, not on the little, potentially stressful details. I mean, I'm marrying the most patient, loving, giving, sweet, sensitive, goofy, strong, loyal man - who happens to be my best friend and comes from a wonderful and accepting family. What's not to celebrate about that?

Did I mention the 21 days part? That's three weeks.

Any advice for me, my dears?


Stephanie said...

I'm getting a little stressed about the decorating too. We need to talk. I'm still hoping to pull off the plan we talked about but like you say it's only 21 days away!

Can do mom said...

Here's some advice from an "old" married lady (we celebrated our 20 year anniversary last week!) Try to relax and not get too caught up in the details. I understand it's a very big day in your lives, but some of these things you're stressing over won't be remembered twenty years from now. Trust me on this. Do what you can and be willing to compromise on the rest. (Hey, that's good marriage advice, too!) At the end of the day, whether every fairytale detail comes together or not you will still be married to the same wonderful man.

Blessings to you in your planning, on your wedding day and beyond!

Kylee said...

Honestly, just need to relax. You have wonderful people who will pick up the loose ends. Enjoy every single moment of this.

Heather Lee said...

My advice: Breathe.

Kraxpelax said...
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