Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things I Never Showed You

September was probably one of the busiest months I've had in the last year! The weeks were full of work and church stuff, the weekends were full of traveling. One weekend Crater Lake, one Eugene, one Wallowa Lake/La Grande ... Plus, in the midst of all that was the 100th Annual Pendleton Round-Up which drew in over 85,000 people. And yes, I'm pretty sure we talked with every one of those 85,000 people somewhere between September 1st and September 18th.

But, I've been meaning to post pictures of the trip Eric & I took to go see the Ducks play Portland State down at Autzen Stadium. So, enjoy...

(Where we're getting married ... had to swing by, and take a deep breath!)

It was rain rain raining!

 Eric had looked up some covered bridges in the area to take me to.
 It was a pretty little driving adventure.

Are you barfing yet?

Someday after the wedding I'll get back to writing more witty,
 explanatory blog posts.


Heather Lee said...

Your adventure looks very beautiful! I'm jealous.

Kylee said...

Jealous you got to go to a Ducks game. And I only threw up a little bit in my mouth ;) Love you

Heather Lee said...

Yes! You should definitely e-mail them to me. Because I am nosey. =)