Tuesday, October 26, 2010

doragged pumpkin carving

Monday Eric & I had our own little Family Home Evening. 
After converging on Wal-Mart for some finishing touches to our forthcoming thug costumes, and getting so much needed Halloween candy, cupcakes, Cheez-Its and sparkling red grape juice - we came back to the apartment to commence carving our pumpkins. 

Eric was legitimately intimidating in his new do-rag

Turns out the guts in a white pumpkin are a 
neon green color.

Don't worry, two seconds later I dared him to put that in his mouth. And he did. And then he kissed me. It was disgusting.

Good girl gone bad.

Unlike my freestyling methods, Eric is a planner.


Fer cute!

The happy fam.
We took some awfully bad pictures of us drinking sparkling grape juice .... If you pay me, I'll gladly post them. They were mostly not-so-flattering of Mr. Lougee. We enjoyed our cupcakes afterward and Eric had his first sampling of baked pumpkin seeds. Deprived child! It's our first big holiday together and we're looking forward to many more!


Dale said...

Wonderful! Rebecca and I put up wallpaper of the world in the newsroom for our first FHE.

Heather Lee said...

You and your pumpkin are definitely twinsies. lol