Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Toes

We've been picking up a few more baby things recently at yard sales and from an excited Grandma, now that I'm 19 weeks and about halfway through this experience (crazy!). Thought I'd share! 

Now, who wouldn't get pregnant just so you could buy cute little sneakers?
Dad-to-be couldn't resist. 

A newborn onsie from Grandma-to-be Lougee.
It may not look like it, but this thing is tiny! 
This is a cute fuzzy, fleece body suit with adorable little ears.
It'll come in handy - considering we're looking at a due date in the middle of winter!

And that's all the pictures I have to show for now. We have a few more cute things, but I think we'll kind of hold off too many more purchases til we find out if this is a girl Lougee or a boy Lougee.

Oh, and Big Daddy Eric, Aunt Anna and G-Ma Shelly found a really nice baby swing at an awesome deal - wish I had a picture of that, too!

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