Friday, August 19, 2011

So I fall betwixt and between.

I've reached the 20 week mark, which is technically 5 months, but halfway through the technical 40 week gestation period. Not sure if that really means it's all "down hill from here," though. 

Finally, a little bit of a baby bump is coming through! 

Nevermind the fact that this was taken in the
bathroom at my place of employment. I was in a rush this morning.  

I had an unexpected treat at my routine doctor's appointment yesterday morning. The doctor asked if I'd felt movement - in a tone that assumed I had - I sighed very heavily and said, "No, not that I'm aware of." 

I sighed heavily because I sometimes go on BabyCenter forums and all these people due after me have been talking about feeling the baby and even their husbands feeling their babies! I'm trying not to get jealous or frustrated, but I feel this irrational feeling like I'm somehow the worst mother because I can't even feel my baby move! Irrational, I know. 

Anyway, when he heard my heavy sigh accompanied with my "no," he said, "Let's go for a scan." So, we went and did a really quick ultrasound. On the way, I reassured him and all the nursing staff in the hall that I swear I wasn't mistaking baby movements for gas bubbles! 

The ultrasound lasted fewer than 60 seconds, but it was wonderful. Rather surreal I think, especially because this time around the little Lougee looked so much bigger and like a real human baby, not a garbanzo bean I'd accidentally swallowed whole (yes, I'm aware food doesn't actually go into the uterus to be digested). I saw the baby's head and little hands bunched up in fists. Saw & heard the heart beating at a rate of 140-145. Saw him or her moving their hands a little. It was reassuring to know that things were growing and moving and progressing. Makes me very excited for the 31st when we'll get a longer preview and Eric will get to be there, too. Doctor T said things looked perfect and I probably just hadn't felt movement because this is my first pregnancy. 

And no, if the Doctor saw any incriminating gender evidence, he didn't tell me.


Carlin said...

Lexi, you look great!! I love your baby bump. And I also love your hair! Such a cute style. I'm so happy for you! Babies are the best. Don't worry, you'll feel movement soon. And when you do, you'll know. It's the best feeling ever! Probably the only thing I miss about being pregnant:)

Brittney said...

baby movements feel like gas moving through your intestines. if the bubble feeling doesn't make a fart it's the baby and if it does well then it's gas lol i know because sometimes i freak out thinking i'm pregnant then i remember i'm not lol