Sunday, August 28, 2011

"In anticipation of precipitation"

Hmm, while it still may be averaging 95+ degree highs in these parts, I am looking forward to fall when it decides to rear its cooler face. And with that, I look forward to a few of these - what I'll call - "fall faves."

So, I saw this picture and thought, "Pff, I could pull off overalls...." right? Okay, maybe not, but regardless I hunted for some that would allow for an ever-enlarging belly and not break our meager bank account. And, what FedEx will be delivering August 31st is these:

Not quite as hipster, but they'll do. I'm envisioning me, in them, at the pumpkin patch, holding a pumpkin.
Stay tuned for the realization of these dreams.

On October 11th, this girl releases her new album and I'm kind of stoked. I also just found out she has tour dates in November for Spokane & Portland .... I'm thinking weekend getaway, dear? 

This is a cute fallish outfit. My old boots' bottom are falling apart. Maybe I need some new ones. 

I think we'll be making a return trip to Rasmussen Farms in Hood River for aforementioned photo op of me, in bibs, holding a pumpkin. They have a FREE Pumpkin Funland rated in the top 15 places by Nick Jr.! At least, that's what they boast.... 

Hot apple cider on a chilly afternoon. 

And, of course, "fall" smelling candles .... 

The return of warm hats. Like these. 
At Forever 21.
At Charlotte Russe.

Not to forget, the return of my favorite show, Parenthood.

What fall faves are you looking forward to? 
(I'm sure Eric would love for me to mention the return of college football)
Which, he likes this commercial, even though it's for the NFL.


Anonymous said...

Candy corn!!!!!

HollBurd said...

Have you ever wondered why they call them "over-all's"? I mean, they don't really technically go over all. I don't know. What I do know is that you are going to be one stylin' mama in those bad boys. I think we should be friends. The end.

Kylee said...

Super cute items you posted. Parenthood is one our favorites around here too. Also, I am really happy that you posted the commercial.