Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life in a Small Town

Though we live in Hermiston, I adore Pendleton's Farmer's Market. So, with a few dollars cash in my wallet, I stopped by after work on Friday evening. 

 I picked up an eggplant and some ears of corn. 
Then Saturday, I attempted an eggplant parmigiana. I'll say it was 78% successful. 

I even let Eric out of his crib to try some. 
Really he was beginning to prime the crib we bought for $10 at a yard sale.
It's a hard job with all those spindles. 
*Not pictured: my first ever attempt at making cookies from scratch BY MY SELF. I made peanut butter cookies and I'll say they turned out 82% successful - thinking it was just the recipe. 

And pictures from the Umatilla County Fair that I forgot to share with you a couple of weeks ago. 

Just moments before this sheep encompassed my finger with its slimy nostril. 

New form of adult entertainment?

Remember last year's night at the County Fair? Here's a refresher
We also both remarked on looking forward to taking a 7 month old babester to the county fair next year.

How goeth your weekend?

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