Friday, August 5, 2011

Who is the famous you?

Okay, so I was reading over at Nat the Fat Rat about her Meg Ryan Theory. At the end, she asks which Meg Ryan character you most identify with. I was kind of struggling there ... was I Kathleen Kelly - a NYC book store kind of gal? Sally - who(m?) met Harry? Or Annie - a writer for a Baltimore newspaper? Truthfully, I struggled, I suppose there are aspects of each character I identify with. Like Kathleen's love for school supplies. Or Sally's years of frustration with male friend. Or Annie, and that she writes for a paper (which, I sadly no longer do). But, I think it was really hard because, while I love Meg Ryan's movies, I don't really see myself as a Meg Ryan. So, I got to thinking.... of all the female leads I love, who do I most identify with? 

I chose this pic, because I could most identify with this
down-to-earth, less than glamorous version of her.

I adore Sandy in all her movies.
But, my favorite is 'Two Weeks Notice.'

Yes, I like Angie. Lay off. She's fierce.
And strong. And could totally kick my trash.

I heart Jennifer!
She's such a sweetie.
I have friends who remind me of certain actresses, like TJK is my personal version of Sandra Bullock. And 'Storm' very often reminds me of Jennifer Aniston. 

I've had people tell me I look like Kirsten Dunst. 
But, if I had to choose just one gal. I'd say .... 

Drew Barrymore
I know she can cause some pretty polar reactions, but I really like Drew. 
She's goofy, smart, funny, sassy, pretty, wild, yet feminine. 

And I've liked her in every film I've seen, Ever After, Never Been Kissed, Riding in Cars with Boys, 50 First Dates, Charlie's Angels, Music & Lyrics, Whip It, Duplex, Fever Pitch and He's Just Not That Into You. 

If I were an actress, I might be a less drugged up (her early years) version of Drew. 

What about you? 

P.S. I got my hair cut. And sometimes it looks a little scary. 
Too much razoring on the stylist's part. 
But, here's a side view. 


Kylee said...
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Kylee said...

Seriously I think I have lost my mind. The first post I wrote made absolutely no sense. I like all of these women. I think that I relate to Julia, Sandra, and Jennifer the most though.

Anonymous said...


I haven't seen very much of Meg Ryan besides You've Got Mail...but I think I'm a lot like Kathleen Kelly. And I would LOVE to own a cute little children's book store.

MendenhallML said...

Love this post. I think Sandra is my personal fave. Though I most love Emma Stone even though she is technically still an up and come-r. Also I think I like the hair.