Saturday, August 20, 2011

Robbing the Cradle

Okay, so Eric may be 7 months younger than me, but that's not what I was referring to in this post title.... 

Back when I was all of six or so weeks pregnant my mom, Stephanie and I went to a bunch of yard sales in the Athena, Oregon region .... it was there I found two great treasures .... a Beatles "Let it Be" album on vinyl in awesome condition and this old thing:

If you can't tell, it's a wooden cradle. Well part of it. I had already unhitched it when I thought of taking a "before" photo. I made out like a bandit from that yard sale. This rickety, dirty, old cradle cost me $3, the Beatles album $2. That also happened to be the weekend that my constant nausea set in.

Anyway, we finally started rehabbing the cradle this week (thanks in part to Mom's 13th lecture about getting projects done before I'm too pregnant to want to).

First, I took it apart because it was in need of cleaning in every crevice. It was like it's been sitting outside for the last 25 years (probably). And all the bolts needed tightening anyway. 

Then the priming began. It was a much messier ordeal than I'd ever imagined in my life.  

While priming had tired me out, it had sparked Mr. Lougee. So, I started putting the cradle back together, and just as soon as he could, he started painting it. 
He was working so fast his arm is blurry. 

Thanks to his persistence and diligence and patience with my fit throwing when I was tired of trying to put big bolts in too small of holes (I cannot deny or confirm that I threw down the cradle base in a tantrum and stormed out of the room like my former 3 year-old self), we finished the cradle this evening! 
Yes, those are ducks in the cradle. And a cute bear Mom found in my things and washed for me to give to baby.
And yes, Eric put the bear in one of our favorite baby outfits so far. 
 We still have to get a mattress pad (found online for $19), so between that, the cradle and the cost of supplies (new bolts, primer) - this will cost us under $40 - a good deal, we think. 

In other news, I can 99.2% affirm that I've finally recognized the baby moving around in there. It helped that he/she was very active today, unlike his/her mother. Eric was lucky I found the will power to go grocery shopping. I spent most of the day reading my book - feet up - which I think contributed to the ability to feel this munchkin moving. The movement was especially tangible after eating. And I loved every little motion. And now that I know for sure what it feels like, I can affirm that I've felt movement previously, though not as much and not as tangible.... Anyway, blah blah blah. 


Stephanie said...

That turned out awesome. Very cute and quite thrifty. This will be one shabby shic newborn.

Sandra said...

So cute! And thank goodness for Eric's patience and good humor!

Kylee said...

It looks great, good job. I wish I could have seen this tantrum of yours. Yay for feeling the baby move too!

Lisa said...

Very Cute and what a treasure! It looks awesome! Still waiting for color swatches :)