Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Clippings

What a wonderful Christmas holiday we've enjoyed - highlighted by family and friends. We spent all day Friday and half of Saturday in La Grande enjoying "Christmas Eve Eve" with my Mom, brothers and sisters and occasional visits by my cousin Morgan. This included all the usual fun - baking and frosting sugar cookies, last-minute Wal-Mart runs, games, arguing, cramming into Zoey's Jimmy to view Christmas lights, teasing our mother, eating a Mexican feast, teasing each other, opening our "sibling" presents and falling asleep watching The Santa Claus. On Saturday, Eric & I were able to meet up with the Potters for a Chinese lunch - photo ops were limited, but hopefully Kara will share one on their blog.

We spent Christmas Eve night at the Lougees' in Umatilla. Eating pizza and having a mini-Christmas devotional. Music, poems, and some laughter. We then went back to our house in Hermiston and went to sleep. I was awoken by an anxious Eric at about 7:15am. We got all our goodies accounted for in less than 30 minutes. This included the much anticipated Wii - which Eric had set up before we headed to church at 10am in Umatilla.

This is a light up light saber. That you eat! 

My luxurious gift from hubster - Coach "Poppy" perfume. 

Eric's a tool...kit! 
 A lot of our Christmas day festivities are not photographed because I got very lethargic. But, Church was very nice. Dinner was a whirlwind with two other families from the in-laws' congregation joining us for dinner. And then there was the setting up of the new TV and Wii and getting to talk to Elder Alan Lougee, currently serving a mission in Nevada.

Family Wii time. Cute. Even Chloe, the dog, was enjoying it. 
And then there was today. We started out our day with Eric playing a little basketball at the Church, and me trying to get some contractions going. Then we made a Safeway run to find foods we could try in Eric's new Fry Daddy.

The Fry Daddy himself. 
I then made some delicious Chex mix, watched Eric play the Wii for a few hours and then we headed back over to the Lougees because the Tidwells were coming to town! We enjoyed visiting with them.

Now it's back to the daily grind. Work tomorrow for me. Boo. However, we really enjoyed this long weekend together, filled with fun and family and way too much food. Can't wait to get weighed at my Doc appointment on Wednesday!

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