Thursday, December 29, 2011

For Inquiring Minds

Tomorrow, Friday, I will be 39 weeks! Whew!

Yesterday, Wednesday, I had a routine OB appointment - and it was a very good appointment!

For the women (and maybe men) who care to know these things.

I am dilated around 2 centimeters, not quite 3. And 50% effaced. I know you were wanting to know.

However, I am happy to share because my doctor was skeptical that anything had happened because I haven't been sure that what I'm feeling is contractions. I justify stuff as routine pregnancy discomfort/pain. I told my doctor last week that I wasn't sure and he said "Oh, well you will know," and I said, "Maybe I'm just tough!" And he proceeded to laugh. Ha! Joke's on him! I think he was pleasantly surprised at my bit of progress.

Also, the baby continues to drop, my fundal height measured a centimeter smaller than last week - which is what the doctor had wanted to see.

Obviously, we'll be playing some more basketball on Saturday.

Both the nurse and Dr. T thought it was pretty funny that we'd gone a played basketball on Monday. They laughed as they envisioned my layups and jump shots. But let's face it, they were pretty laughable.

Also, on a positive note, when the nurse (Cynthia) had taken my blood pressure it was still elevated. We're talking 141/91 (last week it was 157/89). So Eric asked Dr. T about that. He had me lay on my side for a minute and then they retook my blood pressure. And ta-da! Back down to a very healthy 120/78. Thank goodness! Apparently babies, as they grow, press on your veins in funny ways.

Are you bored yet?

I'll stop yamming away, but now you know!

And now for a photo... of the hubster a couple weeks ago after eating some Granny Buffet.

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