Thursday, December 22, 2011

When Fathers Nest

"Nesting" isn't just for women. Apparently dads-to-be can go into a form of "nesting," too. I hadn't really thought about that until I got a little note in my email from What to Expect when You're Expecting. And then I read a little bit about male nesting, here. And, upon further reflection, especially over the last few days, I'd have to say Eric is definitely doing some fatherly nesting. I suppose you could chalk it up to having no work or school for two weeks and being bored, but let's go with the more sentimental idea of nesting.

Here's some examples.

He insisted we buy the crib mattress last weekend, even though there's a distinct possibility she won't be in it for a couple months.  
He spent several hours at his parents' house getting all our laundry caught up, whites, colors, towels and linens. Done.  
He got out the instruction manual (in atypical male fashion) for the car seat and got it put in the van for baby's first ride "home.'  
He embarked on cleaning out the fridge, and ended up cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, too.  
He got a hold of our apartment managers to let them know our smoke alarm was on the fritz. Subsequently, they gave him a new one and he got it installed - all in one morning! 

This is all within the last week, not to mention the initiative he's taken throughout the pregnancy in painting the cradle, putting together the crib, buying a highchair, etc., - as well as taking such good care of me!  he's also diligent about putting lavender/olive oil/vitamin E on my stomach a few nights a week. Plus, I like that it gives him a few minutes to hopefully connect with the baby and me and this new unique 3 person relationship we'll soon have on our hands. AND, he always tells me good job for taking my prenatal vitamins and tells me how "great" I'm doing at simply being pregnant. I've really been impressed. Couldn't ask for a better partner during all of this or a better baby daddy.

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