Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Tannenbaum - Date Two

Our second date of Christmas took us on a trip down to the Kiwanis Tree Lot. After last year's tree hardships, we learned a lesson ... get a tree that is easily managed. So, we got a bit of a smaller tree this year, but a Noble one, none the less. 

In my opinion, Noble Fir trees are the bestie best for Christmas trees. They smell good, have sturdy branches, aren't too pokey and are a pretty green. 

We got our tree home, drilled some holes in the bottom so she'd keep soaking up water and Eric managed to get her in the tree stand with little to no assistance from me - I was too focused on getting dinner started, I was about to perish from starvation! Something that suddenly happens without warning when you're carrying another human being inside of you. 

We also commenced decorating the living room - a far more exhausting thing to do than we'd remembered previously. Eric wondered how Aunt Steph managed to put up all the decorations in her 14 totes. I pondered upon Mom's brilliance at having five kids to do a lot of the work. 

Some or our favorite ornaments. 
We found these vintage Christmas blocks at an antique shop on our honeymoon. They conveniently have both an 'E' and and 'A' on them. They also have an 'R' on them. So, I guess that means baby girls' name will have to start with an R (For those of you wondering what we're naming herfeel free to speculate and read into this statement all you want!)

Eric's first Christmas handmade ornament. Circa 1989. 

I LOVE this little train Eric painted when he was little. 

Eric loves his Ducks. 
Don't worry, I made sure the nativity ornament was at least as high as this helmet on the tree. 

Love these bells. And the old ornaments we found in a thrift store on our honeymoon. 

Stockings hung by the TV with care. 

We capped the night off watching "Frosty Returns" (we'd missed regular Frosty. Did you know one of the characters talks about a Fertility Goddess on that cartoon? True story. Never noticed before, in all the years I've watched it. Maybe it has something to do with being with child.) and "Yes, Virginia" on CBS.

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njcrofts said...

It's so cute! I love Christmas trees. Especially ones in Oregon.