Friday, December 9, 2011

On the first date of Christmas.....

A few days ago I was perusing blog land and while visiting the Rockstar Diaries I read about an idea for "12 Dates of Christmas." So, in a mini-series of epiphanies I realized I CAN have it all. I CAN finish school, enjoy the Christmas season, spend quality time with the hubster, and clean and prep for baby. And I DON'T have to do it all at the same time. It had kind of come to the point where I felt like there was so much to do, I wasn't doing anything.

So, I just wrapped up my internship credits last night, woot. And have my stats final to take next week. But, I've also decided to do 12 Dates of Christmas with Eric. Not every date is really going to be a "go out on a date" type of deal. But sometimes they will. Last night was the "soft launch" of me enjoying my husband, my holidays and staying sane. When he got home from playing basketball, I gave him a Spanish nativity to open and set up. And told him about my 12 Dates of Christmas idea. He was all for it. And, he's in a more care-free mood anyway since he wrapped up his classes Wednesday (now just waiting for final grades) and he's only got one more week of work before the School District goes on winter break.

So, here you are. Eric LOVED the set. He named the shepherd and wise man and told me the Spanish names for Mary and Joseph as well as the animals. We joked that next year he could play with that nativity, I could play with my tiny replica of a nativity my family had growing up, and baby could play with the wooden nativity we have.

Oh, and why Spanish you ask? Eric did a two year stint serving the Spanish speaking people of Arizona for our church. And he plans on teaching high school Spanish.

Final treat. One of the lovely ladies I work with snapped this picture of me today - at exactly 36 weeks. I promise my hair and face aren't so scary in person. 


Kylee said...

Love the 12 dates of Christmas idea. You two are one of the cutest couples I have the pleasure of knowing. Lastly, I think you look great at 36 weeks and have looked great throughout the entire pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous including your hair and face, but my favorite is your bump. Can't wait to meet her!

Teri said...

ahhhh Jose y Maria that's soooo cute.. And that is the most adorable little nativity.. Can't believe our little Lougee is almost here !!