Saturday, December 17, 2011

Graham Crackers and Gummy Bears

Okay, so this week has been a little more hectic than I had originally envisioned and a few of our "Christmas Dates" didn't quite happen how I'd imagined.

Example A: Christmas Date #5 should've been working on our Christmas cards (oh what fun, right?). But, by then I felt Eric deserved to go play basketball with the boys and I deserved to enjoy the peace of the apartment solo. And so I watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" while addressing and stuffing envelopes.

On Wednesday, one of my supposed days off. I woke up when Eric left for work, got ready and studied my little stats-disdaining heart out. Then I went to my regularly scheduled OB appointment. My blood pressure was "elevated" - I think due to stress and nerves. But then there was the pressure to get it down by the end of the appointment, which I think only increased it. So, I'm supposed to monitor myself for symptoms of pre-eclampsia. Also, while I had grown in the two weeks since my last appointment (but hadn't gained weight), I was measuring at 34 weeks instead of just shy of 37 weeks. So, the doctor told me she'd like me to get an ultrasound just to make sure the baby is getting the blood flow, etc. she needs. I tell you, I have elevated blood pressure because this little girl gives it to me - literally! First with the gestational diabetes scare, then now with the blood pressure and the smallness. Though, honestly, as long as she's healthy with functioning organs, I think small is perfectly fine for this first time laborer. Anyway, so our ultrasound is Wednesday afternoon and my next Doc appointment is Thursday afternoon. While I'm sure things are just lovely, your positive thoughts are always appreciated.

Blah blah blah, enough of the boring stuff.

We had a double Christmas date last night with the Barkers! Woo who! We'd been neglectful friends, caught up in the flurry of finishing up our school work. And while two pregnant ladies on a Friday night are pretty exhausted looking - we still had fun.

We endeavored to build ginger bread houses out of graham crackers. Here are the results.

Burdette's graham cracker castle. Can you tell what that thing is sitting in front of the castle?

Holly's Dog House. Complete with caroling gummy bears. 

I was going for a classical look. Then my roof caved in, so it got a little harder to decipher.

Eric also had some stability issues. In the end he made lemonade out of lemons and built this Gummy Bear Church of Scientology Temple, complete with the orange gummy bear version of Tom Cruise. 
Afterwards I was privy to a mini-"jam" session featuring Eric on the electric guitar, Holly on the acoustic and Burdette intermittently contributing with the ukulele. I think I'll take up the tambourines. However, by then my feet had swollen to a size not seen since my near-death experience of 2008, so I was lounging feet up and enjoying the sounds of Christmas. It was a lot of fun and we are so glad to have them as our friends.

Oh! And Holly produced an amazing little green wool cardigan sweater - complete with collar and buttons - it will be photographed and shown someday, maybe with a baby in it. Unfortunately I don't have any talent - so I won't be returning the favor.

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HollBurd said...

And guess what? We already ate our gingerbread houses all gone! Yikes! P.s. We Barker's vote at least one more date night before your posterity arrives. Just saying.