Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Spinnin' some Handel

For Christmas Date Numero 3 we boot scooin' boogied down to the Ward Christmas Party. Sadly, this is the only (terrible) photo I snapped.

Some highlights from the party:
  • Being given a HUGE potato and two pieces of chicken because I was obviously "eating for two."
  • Finishing, incredibly, the above portions.
  • Tiny hugs from two of my little 4 year olds. They were so cute. 
  • Carrying around 1 year-old Gracie. Mmm. Chubby cheekcs! 
  • Talking small town scenarios with the Lewis'. 
  • Mexican punch. 
  • Christmas songs sung by all the little kids. 
  • A video compilation with funny and sentimental clips from members about Christmas. It was awesome! Wish I could show it to you. And yes, the Lougees made an appearance and were apparently second least reverent of everyone aside from the little boy who wanted to give Jesus a spongebob toy. Our topic? Our favorite Christmas songs. Hymns didn't even occur to us, apparently. 

Christmas Date 4 was incorporated into our Monday night Family Home Evening.  My mom had found a vinyl record of Handel's Messiah featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Philadelphia Orchestra. We listened to the Nativity section and then went and got J&B (Jack in the Box) shakes. Originally we were supposed to get holiday shakes, but then I wanted chocolate and Eric wanted oreo. And then we got tummy aches together! Cute!

We also began our 12 Day countdown! We have a little package to open everyday and put on the board - our last one should be Christmas eve! Isn't the heart ornament just so fitting for our cheesiness? Aunt Stephanie found this countdown already put together among all her Christmas things and sent it to us. So, neither of us know what's in each day's package !


Stephanie said...

Fun traditions are happening in the Lougee household!

Stephanie said...

This is Morgan (didn't want to sign out of mom's and onto mine for the purpose of posting...)Just wanted to let you know that I know where that countdown came from...its mine!