Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fantastic Friday

I neglected to show you the beautiful dozen long stemmed roses my Valentine got me, 
so here's a sample. 

And now for a few photos from our fantastic Friday. 

We ran some family errands to the Wal-Mart. 
 Here is my very handsome husbando. It's hard to keep the PDA to a 
minimum when he's looking so cute. 

 Our bounty. 

Baby Ella was so good! She slept most of the way through the store and made cute eyes at the lady behind us at the checkout stand. She was also called beautiful and alert ... the top two adjectives used to describe her by strangers. 

Not pictured... a trip to Home Depot for some supplies for Relief Society's activity next month. 
And then on to Quizno's where we redeemed some coupons Eric got while we were in the hospital having baby El. 

 Quizno Baby. 

Quizno Momma. 

Unfortunately this is where the photos stop, but not the fun! Wow, I'm feeling a bit corny...

We met up with our Beloved Barkers for dinner at El Tapatio. Mmm. Delicious Meh-he-can food was consumed, stomachs were stuffed and the restaurant staff fawned over my sweet girl. 

Then we played three rounds of Rumikub. 
I lost every round. 
Ella bonded with Holly and her baby bump. 
Eric and Burdette played the Rumikub rule police. 

And then bid adieud and retired to bed.

I may have also shown Ella a Justin Bieber video on my phone, and I swear to you, she watched 
the whole thing
Early case of Bieber fever?  

Looking forward to the rest of our long weekend together. 
Ella's looking forward to being spoiled by both grandmothers. 
And I'm looking forward to some Diet Pepsi, obviously. 

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