Thursday, February 2, 2012


Eric turned 24 yesterday. When he got home from work I asked him if he felt older ... he groaned, "Yesss!" and then told me he could now sympathize with me (I've been 24 since June). 

Ella and I went to his work at the Alternative School to say "Hi" in he afternoon. Bringing him a balloon and a Dr. Pepper. All the females at school fawned over little Ella and Eric beamed like a proud papa should. 

That evening we made a return trip to the Chuckwagon Cafe. It just happened to be Italian night, so we stuffed ourselves on pasta before heading to Umatilla to eat cake with the Lougee fam. 

Lots of cake (including some diabetes inducing Paula Deen chocolate cake) and American Idol later, we returned home and gave baby girl her nightly bath. 

Looking forward to another year with my D! 

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