Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rubber Ducky

Look at our squishy ducky after her bath!

Poor girl now has some baby acne. 

We went shopping with my mom and youngest siblings in Tri-Cities on Friday and Ella was a rockstar. Eric carried her around in a front carrier. I warned him that with a ring and a baby he'd be a chick magnet. Sure enough, women would chat him up! 

We also got striped shirts at Old Navy. 


Carly said...

stella says "OH THAT IS SOOOO CUTE!!!!"

(i think she was talking about the baby...)

but your HAIR is very cute too madear!

HollBurd said...

Ella makes a very cute duck :) And I like your stripes. Come show me your haircut sometime, eh?

Kylee said...

She is so cute and I LOVE your hair!