Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm one of those people.

Last night Eric and I were watching a little 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper interviewing Adele. At one point the segment talked about how Adele's songs have been spoofed on SNL because of how many people seem to get so emotional when listening to them. Eric snickered as they showed some of the SNL skits and said something like, "It's true, there really are people like that." I said, "Like what?" and he said, "That get all into and emotional during a song." I then punched him in the arm, because I am one of those people who can really get into and emotional during a song. I judge music on whether it makes me feel something (besides annoyance or distaste for the song). Whether its the lyrics or the tune, if a song makes me feel elation or love or nostalgia or sadness, that's a good tune to me.

We got home from the Lougee fam's house around 7pm last night and I was able to plug in my phone and check Facebook. I started seeing all these tributes to Whitney Houston. I was stunned to learn she'd died. I scurried down the hall to tell Eric the unbelievable news. To him it was old news ... apparently it had been discussed while I was in a back room nursing Ella earlier in the day. What was more frustrating was his seeming lack of distraughtness!

Sure, she'd had several issues and it wasn't necessarily a shock, but I loved Whitney Houston. I loved her voice. Her voice evoked emotion. Admittedly, I've seen the R rated 'Bodyguard.' And because of that movie, "I Will Always Love You" became one of those songs I never tired of hearing, especially when done by Madam Whitney.

And so, as I continue to mourn a little this Monday morning, I offer you a scene from the Bodyguard.

Life is short and unpredictable. I often take it for granted. And so, since tomorrow is a day to celebrate love, I encourage you all to hug your loves a little tighter and to sing that song on the radio a little louder.

And, in case you're interested, here are two songs I currently approve of:

Song #1
Song #2

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HollBurd said...

Well aren't you three just the cutest family ever :)