Friday, February 3, 2012

Phil's a Phony

I'm not sure what that groundhog was smoking, but all signs point to an early spring here in Hermiston. 

Ella and I took a walk on a beautiful, brisk February day. And, I'm not even gonna run these photos through any kind of editing, it was just that clear and beautiful. 

A dual purpose pasture - for horses and machines.

Walks really enliven her. Also, I can't believe a child of mine has such long eyelashes. I'm totally jealous! 


Diane said...

LOL, yes that is definitely Hermiston... Looks like it was a nice day though =) I like the pixie look. I bet you could pull it off, and isn't it fun to try something new?? Plus, when I had my hair that short I loved that I could just throw goop in it, mess with it for a bit and head out the door. So easy. And if you decided you didn't like it so much, then you just grow it out a little, no biggie.

HollBurd said...

Sometimes I wish that the Riverside park wasn't the only decent walking park in this town. Baby Barker can't wait to go on walks with her best friend Ella the already born.