Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Gift From a Bob

Today, Ella was given a name and blessing at Church. Eric gave the blessing and we were honored to have his dad - David, my Grandpa Pedro and Uncle Gareld stand in the circle as well as Bishop Blake and another member of the bishopric, Brother Edwards. 

Unlike some religions, we don't baptize kids into the church until the age of eight. However, a father - or other worthy male priesthood holder (I was blessed by my Grandpa Pedro) - can and should offer up a name and blessing for babies. The purpose is to name the child before God and record the name in the Church records, the blessing is more like a father's blessing. 
For more on priesthood blessings, see this page.

Ella was flashing some 80s style. 
She wore my blessing dress from 1987.  

Four generations!
Maur Jeanne Pedro, Alexa Lee Lougee, Sandra Maur Lee and Ella Maur Lougee. 

Ella with Great Grandparents. 

My husband is always so serious. Also, El is looking at him funnily.

During the blessing, the men stand in a circle around the baby - right hands lightly under the baby and left hands on the shoulder of the brother to his left (as seen here) - and while Eric was speaking into the microphone, Ella decided to put in her two cents. You could hear her little noises from time to time during the blessing. Uncle Gareld said he thought about putting the binky back in her mouth, but didn't. 

It was a nice moment for our little family. It is fun to see how with the addition of a person to a family, especially a child, love just seems to multiply. 


Pamela said...

She looked beautiful and Eric did a great job! I love blessing days!!

HollBurd said...

We missed her blessing :( But I am sure it was beautiful! I love her beautiful dress! My mom is crocheting something similar for our baby (I hope she remains a girl!).