Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fever Pitch

So, everyone I know is pregnant.

There's Jessica (Simpson), Kim (Kardashian), Kate (Middleton), and my girl Shakira.

Not to mention like a bajillion of my FB friends. Seriously. A bajillion.

And while my baby is still a baby (not a year until the 10th), I'll admit, I've got a bit of a baby fever. I am hoping that by admitting it to the world (yes, my blog is about as international as I can get currently) that it will help to break the fever.

I do want more babies, I do.

And have you seen my first attempt? Instead of discouraging me to tempt the fates with ANOTHER deliciously adorable child, she has encouraged me to make more!

Plus, I have like the best co-parent ever. I mean, I'm serious here. All sarcasm aside, he's been way more than I expected and I'm pretty sure he's one in a million in how hands on, attentive and helpful he his when it comes to parenting.

What's the problem then?

Well, I don't know.

One being that I vowed to myself before I ever got married that I would never be in my last trimester of pregnancy during the hottest months of the year - July, August, September. So, if I got pregnant anytime in the very near future, I'd be very much pregnant and uncomfortable in the heat of the summer.

Another being finally feeling like my body is mine. No pregnancy, no breastfeeding . . . I'm still getting used to how having a baby has changed my body. Also, I'd like to get my body in a more healthy state before it becomes inhabited again. I'd like to eat a little better, feel a little stronger, take a daily vitamin, fit it into non-stretch pants...

And finally, I'm still so enjoying all this one-on-one time I get with Ella Roo. I feel like I'm hitting a tiny stride in my role as mother. I'm enjoying being able to have time to myself while Eric entertains our girl. And I want to relish in this time a little bit longer.

But still, I feel the baby fever.

Not even nights of a sick baby crying has lowered the temp.

So, how to ride it out?

I guess remember those things I wrote above.

Remember labor.

And the all day morning sickiness....oh yes, THAT is helping quell the fires.

And....any suggestions you may have are welcome!

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