Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two Oh Five

So, here's the deal.

When I graduated from high school I weighed somewhere around 205 pounds. And then I lost a fair amount of weight. I never, ever, in my life, want to see 2-0-5 on the scale when I stand on it, unless I have a two year old on my back or something.

I got married, put on a few pounds.

Got pregnant, put on 28 pounds.

Had a baby and lost about 18-20 pounds.

And that was a year ago.

I've been stuck.

I look back at the time I was successful at losing weight, maintaining a lower weight and being fit. I was in college. I was only feeding me. I only had my schedule to worry about. So, it's taken me a year to figure out that I just have to make the time and make the commitment. And thanks to my supportive husband, I've signed my life away to a gym here in La Grande with beautiful new equipment and 24 hour access. I love going to the gym. I really do. And there is nothing there to distract you from exercising. I could spend 2+ hours there. And in years past, I have. But, now I have a family that battles for my time so my gym times will rarely, if ever be 2 hours long.

I've gone four days (with a brief hiatus due to a head cold) and feel so good.

It's empowering.

It's invigorating.

It's good.

And I hope I can continue to go to the gym - get back in shape and lose a little bit of weight. Because, as you know, I have baby fever. But, I fear that if I got pregnant again without committing to improving the health of my body then I'd see that dreaded 205 again and maybe see it long-term.

Plus, a healthy mom makes for a healthy baby.

And the crazy thing about exercising? It automatically helps you eat better, it's weird.

So, I'll battle the little bit of internal mommy guilt I feel because I know that in reality it is better for my marriage, my kid, any future children and for myself.

B.T. Dubbs....If you want to read more about my history with my weight, read here.

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Madeleine Richardson said...

you are awesome :)